Legal Aid and Privately Funded

Criminal legal representation can be funded privately or through legal aid.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid refers to funding for legal representation, which is made available to individuals who meet the specific criteria, through the Legal Aid Agency.

We can advise clients on the requirements for a successful Legal Aid application, assist in obtaining evidence that can support a Legal Aid application and liaise with the Legal Aid Agency, handling the entire application process on the client’s  behalf.

If Legal Aid is approved, this means that the Legal Aid Agency are responsible for the payment of your fees and determine what work can be done, to what extent and to what cost.

Whilst Legal Aid means that your representation does not cost you, the Legal Aid Agency decide what amount they are willing to pay for experts such as medical, forensic and technical witnesses and Barristers. 

Funding privately

If an individual does not qualify for legal aid, then we will undertake work on a privately funded basis.  We will discuss the costs with you at an early stage and provide appropriate estimates, both in respect of our costs, and the costs of any experts.

If the services of a Barrister are required for a Crown Court case, we will obtain an estimate of his or her costs and we will also discuss the choice of Barrister with you.

The choice between Legal Aid funded and privately funded representation will largely be determined by a client’s circumstances and we are happy to assist and provide the highest level of services available, whatever representation a client has.

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